UCF Houston is back &

better than ever for 2017!

September 18 – 20 | Houston

Innovations during the downturn to optimize the cost of completions, EUR and production flows

The 3rd Unconventional Completions Forum Houston will bring onshore operators, oilfield services and solution providers together to focus on innovations in tools and technologies to reduce costs, increase production flows and improve the EUR for onshore completions.

Through a unique mix of operational and technological case studies, presentations and panels, this meeting supports the better planning and design of completions through a deeper understanding of the reservoir, lateral well placement and selection of stimulation techniques.

Join completions leaders at this meeting to learn about:

  1. Innovations in completions during the downturn: Enabling onshore operators to be more competitive in a lower-for-longer pricing environment
  2. Overcoming the challenges of well placement and well interference; both internally and with other operators
  3. Collaborating to gain a deeper understanding of subsurface attributes to plan and design the most economic completions
  4. Advances in well stimulation tools, techniques and data analytics to increase production flows and improve EUR, including optimal proppant and fluid selection
  5. Targeting recompletions and other unconventional techniques on wells with greatest opportunity for production increases and extraction cost reduction

In addition, interactive conference workshops will focus on produced water treatment and practical innovations in well design; including multi-disciplinary approaches to optimize cost, EUR and lifecycle well performance.

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"This is the first conference I have been to that is so relevant and applicable directly to my role. I love the interactive elements and the networking opportunities. The contacts I have made are well worth the cost of the conference. Topics timely, excellent speakers. I will be back!"

"This was easily one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Conferences I have attended in the past have been more sales pitches than learning opportunities, but every speaker here came with fresh ideas and was insightful and educational. There was more talk on HOW attendees could achieve possibilities instead of just what possibilities were out there."
Past Hanson Wade attendee